Online Renewal
Lifetime FIRC renewal for a one-time fee. As long as you continue to renew with American Flyer your online class is free. That means that during an average career you will save over $1,300 in bi-annual renwal fees compared to the competition.

  • Pay Once—Renew Every 2 Years at No Additional Cost
  • $125.00 One-time fee
  • Easy To Use Online Format
  • FAA Paperwork Processing Available
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Nobody offers you more video; Nobody updates their site more often; Nobody has a support group of instructors ready to expertly answer your questions; Nobody has more optional material above and beyond the FAA requirements.

Classroom Renewal
CFI Renewal Classes are held monthly at all of our airport facilities. Our small class size makes for lively discussions as you contribute meaningful solutions to real-world student difficulties.

  • 2-Day Classroom Format
  • Held Monthly—8 Locations
  • $175.00 Investment
  • FAA Paperwork Processing Available
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These dynamic classes were inspired by our 350 flight instructors who flew nearly 100,000 hours last year. This ensures you that its content is practical information that only active pilots can provide.

To enroll or to contact one of our 6 airport offices,
Call 800-362-0808.

Who we are

American Flyers has been teaching pilots for over 70 years and has conducted Flight Instructor Revalidation Classes since their inception three decades ago. 42,500 of your fellow instructors have enjoyed and contributed to these programs. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our program please contact our Instructor Support Team at 800-362-0808—they are knowledgeable as well as personable and look forward to talking to you.

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